About Us

Our Early Childhood Programs:

At Country Day School you will see children actively engaged in developing early reading, writing, reasoning, motor and social skills through a developmentally appropriate approach. Our curriculum, which is used in the early childhood programs with infants through pre-kindergarten, provides research based instruction and activities. Each class is engaged in age appropriate experiences including interactive play, literacy, art and math. While this is important, nothing is more vital than the nurturing care given by our professionally trained staff.

We work to make sure that our classrooms and our curriculum meet the needs of students at all developmental levels. Our experienced teachers realize that children develop at their own pace; therefore, our program reflects both the age and the individual needs of the learner.

Infants and Wobblers

Infants and wobblers learn through their own experience of trial and error, as well as intimate interactions with others: repetition, imitation and identification. As you step into one of our rooms you’ll notice a stimulating environment full of interactive materials. Perhaps a teacher shares a cloth storybook with a child while cuddling and rocking. She points to objects in the story to introduce new vocabulary, as well as asking for the child to point to familiar objects. Other children may be exploring the colorful play mat, scooting around to reach a toy, or sharing smiles with a friend as they listen to Mozart for Babies. Our teachers invite exploration of materials, provide music and movement time, and nurture each child. Strong relationships are vital for children’s healthy development at this age, and our caregivers strive to have a close relationship with each child to best meet their individual needs.


Toddlers are ready to take off in every direction to explore the world! In these classrooms, you’ll see busy children playing with blocks, diapering baby dolls, putting together simple puzzles, and working on art projects with the teachers. As they sit together, teacher and child discuss the process, make decisions and assemble the piece, an excellent time for learning as well as for building a close relationship. There will also be a special circle time each day for singing songs together, reading books, and playing cooperative games. All of these and a host of other opportunities for exploration are provided by our caring staff with guidance and encouragement. We strive to help them develop into individuals with self-help skills such as pouring juice, bath rooming, and cleaning up their toys with assistance. We want them to feel good about their accomplishments and grow in independence.


At this stage, our goal is to instill a love for learning in each child as well as prepare children to become readers and writers, mathematicians, scientists, and good citizens. We aim to tap into a child’s natural desire for “hard fun,” through a combination of exploration and organized learning activities. As you take a peek into one of these classrooms, you will see children using many materials, such as plastic cups, trying to build stable structures through experimentation. In another area, children dramatize a restaurant complete with an ordering pad and play food to serve. Some children use computers to listen to stories and play alphabet games while others sit with a friend and share a familiar book together. At the teacher table, we begin age appropriate handwriting skills and early number concepts through structured lessons, singing, games, and individual instruction. We also provide opportunities for children to develop important social skills such as taking turns, cooperating, problem solving, and learning to respect the ideas and feelings of others. When preschoolers embark on their journey into the “big world,” we want them to look back on Country Day School with fond memories while being prepared to move forward successfully.

And Even More…

In addition to all of the fun, learning and excitement in our daily routine, there is often cause to celebrate! Whether it is a holiday, birthday or just a regular day, we bring the joy of learning to all occasions. Some of our special celebrations include Dr. Seuss’s birthday, Donuts with Dad and Muffins with Mom, holiday related activities like an Easter Egg Hunt and a Thanksgiving Feast, and visits from people in our community — firemen, zookeepers, bug collectors and policemen on horses to name a few! Children also receive weekly enrichment in foreign language, music and storytelling. There are opportunities for extracurricular activities such as gymnastics, computer instruction and soccer.


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